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Discover your home away from home at Royal Perth Yacht Club.

As a Club, we are drawn together by our love for boating and passion for community.

Opportunities for the whole family!

Whether you are looking to adventure on the water, sail competitively or just social with friends and meet new people – it’s all possible at RPYC.

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As a Member, you can enjoy various benefits including access to fantastic social events and state of the art facilities:
  • Full use of our superb dining and bar facilities
    • Catalina Bar & Alfresco Area
    • Wardroom Restuarant & Bar
    • Outdoor BBQ’s
  • Use of Function Facilities for both private & corporate events
  • Social Events – Long table dinners, Australia Day concerts, Family Socials, New Members Nights, Melbourne Cup celebrations, Commodores Ball, Whiskey tastings and plenty more!
  • Organised Club Racing, Time Trialling & Cruise-in-Company events
  • Reciprocal Yacht Club benefits – Visit and stay at some of the finest Yacht Clubs around the world
  • State of the art Marina and Pen facilities, located in a prime location next to Matilda Bay overlooking the CBD
  • Access to our second Clubhouse, the Fremantle Annexe – an ideal location to dock before your weekend trip to Rottnest
  • Access to our Club gymnasium
  • On site 24 hour refueling jetty
  • On site Hardstand maintenance yard
A range of Membership options, from Junior Membership through to Family Membership

There’s something to suit everyone!

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Categories of Membership & Fees

Full Member

A members over the age of 30 years.

All Boat owners/co-owners must be a Full Member.

Entitled to all the privileges of the Club.

Entrance Fee: Reduced to $762.00
                            (Normally $1524.00)

Annual Subscription: $1524.00

Monthly Subscription: $127.00

Full Family

comprises of one Full member and one family* member or comprises of one Full member, one family* member and their children under 18 years of age.

* Family member – spouse/defacto of a Full member.

Entrance Fee: Reduced to $762.00
                            (Normally $1524.00)

Annual Subscription: $1824.00

Monthly Subscription: $152.00


Full Under 30

A member between the ages of
18 – 30 years.

Entitled to all the privileges of the Club.

Entrance Fee: WAIVED
                         (Normally from $276.00)

Annual Subscription from: $276.00*

Monthly Subscription from: $23.00*

* Subscriptions increase in increments until the age of 30


A member over the age of 18 who only sails Centreboard yachts. Criteria is available on request.

Restricted privileges at the Club.

Entrance Fee: WAIVED
                            (Normally $492.00)

Annual Subscription: $492.00

Monthly Subscription: $41.00


Available to members whose principal place of residence is more than 100km radius from the Crawley Clubhouse Restricted privileges at the Club.

Entrance Fee: WAIVED
                            (Normally $1524.00)

Annual Subscription: $372.00

Monthly Subscription: $31.00


A member who must be a “Full” member (or equivalent) of a Reciprocal Yacht Club.

Restricted privileges at the Club.

Entrance Fee: NIL

Annual Subscription: $600.00

Monthly Subscription: $50.00


A member under the age of 18 years.

Restricted privileges at the Club.

Entrance Fee: NIL

Annual Subscription: $186.00

Monthly Subscription: $15.00


A member who sails regularly as crew on a yacht competiting in gazetted RPYC Sailing events.

Member must be nominated by the current skipper of the boat on which the member crews or by a current Flag Officer.

Restricted privileges at the Club.

Entrance Fee: NIL

Annual Subscription: $372.00

Monthly Subscription: $31.00

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A member who does not own a boat but wishes to enjoy Membership of the Club.

Restricted privileges at the Club.

Entrance Fee:  WAIVED
                             (Normally $756.00)

Annual Subscription: $756.00

Monthly Subscription: $63.00

Social Family

comprises of one Social member and one family* member or comprises of one Social member, one family* member and their children under 18 years of age.

* Family member – spouse/defacto of a Social Member.

Entrance Fee: WAIVED
   (Normally $900.00)

Annual Subscription: $900.00

Monthly Subscription: $75.00

Entrance Fees (Inc GST)

Entrance Fees (Inc GST) are payable in full on submission of a “Nomination for Membership” form. It may be paid by cash, cheque or major credit card.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions (Inc GST) are due and payable monthly.

The annual subscription for Full Family Membership is 120% of the Full Member annual subscription.

  • Full Member
  • Spouse/Defacto
  • Children under 18

The annual subscription for Social Family Membership is 60% of the Full Member annual subscription.

  • Social Member
  • Spouse/Defacto
  • Children under 18

Direct Debit Request Form

Standing Credit Card Form


House Support Scheme (HSS)

In simple terms, this is a levy charged by the Club to all Members in the Full, Full Family, Full under 30 and Social Member categories. This levy helps to ensure that you come down and enjoy the fantastic facilities on offer.

How does it work?

The levy is broken down into two equal instalments of $120.00 . Each instalment will be charged at the beginning of each period. (1st June and the 30th November) one every six months. This charge will be placed on the accounts of members in each “Full” category including Family and under 30 and Social Members.

What do I need to do to get the most value from the levy?

Simply come down to the Club, purchase food or beverage, come to a Club social event or deck yourself out in Club merchandise. Make sure this purchase is charged to your membership account.

At the end of the 6 month period, the Club will total your qualifying purchases , and give you a credit back to your RPYC account for that amount, up to the maximum amount of the House Support Levy ($120.00)

Please note that if you have not spent the full amount of your House Support Levy within the period, the Club will invest the remainder into furthering the Club objectives.


On the 1st of June, John Smith has $120 House Support charged to his account.

In July he comes to lunch and spends $40, in September he attends a Club event to the value of $30 and then purchases a Club shirt to the value of $50. All these purchases he charges to his Membership account.

On the 30th November, John receives a credit to his account of $120.

The Club will then charge the House Support levy for the next period.

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How can I become a Member

Visit our How to become a Member page for more information on signing up and forms.

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