RPYC Member Travel Grants

Travel Grant Guidelines


Travel grants are issued to encourage dedicated sailors at the Club to achieve excellence in sailing and represent Royal Perth Yacht Club at National and International levels.

Royal Perth Yacht Club travel grants will be awarded as follows on the recommendation of the Regatta Committee.

To be eligible, applicants will:

  • Complete and return the Travel Grant Application form by the 1st of each month.
  • Sign the Travel Grant Declaration stating that they are entering the regatta as an exclusive representative of Royal Perth Yacht Club. Exceptions to this requirement will be at the discretion of the Regatta Committee.
  • At the request of the Club, assist with volunteer duties or Club coaching.
  • Provide a written report suitable in quality and content for inclusion in the Club newsletters on the event within four weeks of the conclusion of the event. Reports should be sent to boatingoperations@rpyc.com.au or marketing@rpyc.com.au
  • Complete a minimum of two social media posts tagging RPYC during the event.
  • Demonstrate active participation or representation of RPYC at events.
  • Attend a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday Sailing presentation prior to departing for the event to receive the grant.


  • Under 25-year-old members may apply for two travel grants per category per calendar year.
  • Over 25-year-old members may only be approved one travel grant for each category per calendar year.
  • The Regatta Committee reserve the right to approve or deny any application.

To receive a travel grant:

  • Applicants will be approved after the Regatta Committee meeting held each month.
  • Successful applicants will be advised by the Boating Operations Manager in writing and will receive a bank transfer or a credit to their Club account once approved.
  • Failure to appropriately represent or in any way meet obligations to the Club may result in future applications being denied.