Royal Perth Yacht Club is proud to offer the following Facilities and Services as part of our Hardstand area.

  • 32 tonne capacity boat lifter with 5.1m beam
  • Designated wash down area with high pressure hose
  • On-site Shipwright
  • 22 concrete hardstand bays each with 240v power and water supply
  • 3 phase power available
  • Side arm cradles available for yachts – make applying antifoul easy
  • Designated cradles for hanging yachts for keel access
  • Portable stairs, ladders and scaffolding available for use
  • Access work bench/ workshop
  • Oil disposal
  • Battery disposal
  • Outboard flushing tank
  • Swipe card access to yard
  • On-site parking
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Wi-Fi coverage

Working onsite at RPYC

RPYC endeavours to operate in a safe and environmentally friendly manner and as such has rules and regulations that all Members, contractors and visiting boat owners are required to adhere to. All contractors working on-site are required to be registered with the office and provide relevant insurance details.

Hardstand Rules and Regulations (pdf)

Contractors application form (downloadable pdf)

Boat Lifter and Maintenance Hardstanding


All Prices include GST.


  • Double Lift (Lift and Launch) $250.00 / $500.00
  • Single Lift (Slings) $135.00 / $270.00
  • Hardstanding 1-14 days (price per day) $23.00 / $46.00
  • Hardstanding 15+ days (price per day) $33.00 / $66.00
  • Environmental Levy * $40.00 / $50.00
  • Clean Bay Deposit** $50.00 / $100.00

*The Environmental Levy covers the use of the high pressure hose and sanitisation of hardstanding area. ** Clean Bay Deposit will only be refunded if hardstanding bay is left clean and rubbish free.

For bookings and enquiries please contact Estelle Bradley in the Club Office on 08 9389 1555 or adminoperations@rpyc.com.au