Kids Learn to Sail

Kids school holidays learning to sail in Perth


Tackers Course 1 & 2 

Suitable for Kids 7 – 12 Years

The Tackers program is specifically designed for primary school aged children. From the colourful sails to the delivery of the program. All aspects are tailored to be FUN!

There are two levels of the Tackers program, Tackers 1 – Having Fun, and Tackers 2 – Tricks and Techniques. Our Tackers 2 course requires the completion of the Tackers 1 course prior to enrollment. All equipment is included for sailing, including a Personal Flotation Device (lifejacket) for each sailor.

The Tackers 2 course will teach the basics of sailing, including all techniques required to set up the boat, leave and return to the beach, sail around a course or to a destination, and safety on the water. The courses also cover the basic rules of sailing, weather, and knot tying. All content is delivered in the most practical way possible – on the water! With high instructor-to-student ratios, students will sail on their own or in pairs in their own ‘Optimist’ training dinghy, with an instructor close by in a powerboat.

  • $310 per student
  • 20 hours of tuition
  • Full personal insurance

With all equipment provided and high Instructor to student ratios – Safety is our #1 priority! All we ask is that your little Tacker is water confident.

Receive a National Tackers Certificate upon course completion!

Course Dates



OutThere Sailing Program

Suitable for Teens 13 – 17 Years

The Youth ‘OutThere Sailing’ program is specifically designed for High School Teens!

Have FUN on the water, stay active & try something NEW!

  • $275 per student
  • 20 hours of tuition
  • Full personal insurance

All equipment provided. High Instructor to student ratios. Safety is our #1 priority!
All we ask is that your teen is water confident.

Receive a National OutThere Sailing Certificate upon course completion

Course Dates


Teens school holidays learning to sail in Perth


To Learn more Information

About our ‘Learn to Sail’ programs & how to get involved


Please contact Premo Jacniacki

Phone: 9389 1555

Alternatively contact Club Reception
9389 1555 or Email:

We can’t wait to see you on the water!


11dec(dec 11)08:3015(dec 15)12:30Tackers 111th - 15th December 2023

11dec(dec 11)08:3015(dec 15)12:30OutThere SailingDecember 11th - 15th

18dec(dec 18)08:3022(dec 22)12:30Tackers 118th - 22nd December 2023

18dec(dec 18)08:3022(dec 22)12:30OutThere SailingDecember 18th - 22nd


02jan(jan 2)08:3005(jan 5)13:30Tackers 12nd - 5th January 2024

02jan(jan 2)08:3005(jan 5)13:30OutThere SailingJanuary 2nd - 5th

08jan(jan 8)08:3012(jan 12)12:30Tackers 18th - 12th January 2024

08jan(jan 8)08:3012(jan 12)12:30OutThere SailingJanuary 8th - 12th

08jan(jan 8)13:0012(jan 12)17:00Tackers 2January 8th - 12th 2024

15jan(jan 15)08:3019(jan 19)12:30Tackers 115th - 19th January 2024

15jan(jan 15)08:3019(jan 19)12:30OutThere SailingJanuary 15th - 19th

15jan(jan 15)13:0019(jan 19)17:00Tackers 2January 15th - 19th 2024

22jan(jan 22)08:3025(jan 25)13:30Tackers 122nd - 25th January 2024

22jan(jan 22)08:3025(jan 25)13:30OutThere SailingJanuary 22nd - 25th


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