Red Book and Course Sheets

The Red Book

The Red Book is the definitive guide to competitive sailing at the Club

The Red Book contains Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, and fixtures list for all events conducted by Royal Perth Yacht Club for the year. It also contains outline details of other Yacht Club, class association, and offshore events.

All skippers nominated to compete in Club organised events are obligated to read the Red Book prior to sailing.

Printed copies of the Red Book are available from the office.

Download the 2018/2019 Red Book

Download the 2019/2020 Red Book

Course Marks Map

Course Sheets


Course Sheets 2019/20

Saturday Racing

Not used on Opening Day

Wednesday Sailing Information Document published October 2017

Special Courses

Wed Summer Marathon Course – 4th December 2019

Windward Leeward SSI – 7th December 2019

Opening Day Courses 2019/2020

DIVISION 3 Marathon