General Manager

Rick Coate


Marina and Membership Manager

Gillian Tosh

Contact Gillian for all enquiries regarding membership, pens
and hardstand bays.


Operations Manager

Estelle Bradley

Contact Estelle for all enquiries regarding Facilities Operations.


Accounts Officer

Louise Satterthwaite

Contact Louise for all enquiries regarding Member Accounts.


Financial Controller

Neil Smith


Boat Lift Operator

Dave Correia

Contact Dave for all enquiries regarding the Boat Lifter and Hardstanding


Fremantle Annexe Harbour Master

Casey Skinner

Contact Casey for all enquiries regarding the Annexe including overnight boating visits.


Club Archivist (Volunteer)

Jon Readhead

Contact Jon for all enquiries regarding the Archives


Boating Operations:

Boating Operations Manager

Travis Burtenshaw

Contact Travis for all Sailing matters, offshore sailing and allocation of Club on-water equipment.


Sports Administration Manager

Premo Jacniacki

Contact Premo for all Sail Training matters and Dinghy sailing programs, sailing courses, crewing and general training.


Boating Communications Officer 

Dana Jolliffe


Boating Administrator 

Anna Klyne



Hospitality Operations

Events Manager

Joanne Walsh

Contact Joanne for assistance with planning a wedding, birthday party, or Corporate event.


Food and Beverage Manager

Cathal Grealish

Contact Cathal for all Food and Beverage matters.

Office Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:30am to 5pm

Wardroom Opening Hours

Summer (1st October – 30 April)

Tuesday: 10:00am to Late

Wednesday: 10:00am to Late

Thursday: 10:00am to Late

Friday: 10:00am to Late

Saturday: 10:00am to Late

Sunday: 8:30am to 7:00pm

Wardroom Opening Hours

Winter (1st May – 30 September)

Tuesday: 11:00am to Late

Wednesday: 11:00am to Late

Thursday: 11:00am to Late

Friday: 11:00am to Late

Saturday: 11:00am to Late

Sunday: 8:30am to 7:00pm