Power Boating at RPYC

Power Boating at Royal Perth Yacht Club

Have a Power Boat, and keen to join in all the fun that RPYC offers? 

At RPYC our Power Yacht Members are passionate about getting out on the water, having fun and making the most out of life.

Our Power Boat Community have an active calendar all year round; there is something for everyone! 

Have a look at some of our Power Boating Events below, not including our Captain Power Regatta, Staycation Lunches, Wine Tours, and more!

You’ll be welcomed with open arms and be part of the Power Yacht community within no time.  We guarantee you won’t look back and you’ll enjoy ever moment!

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Cruising in Company events

Join in on all the fun at our Cruise in Company events, hosted throughout the year we travel far and wide on our very own Power Boats.

Some of our favourite destinations are Mandurah, Mindarie, Rottnest, and Rockingham.

Following a cruise up to a Western Australian ‘staycation’ location, we book in for either a lunch or a dinner, and soak up the atmosphere.

Perfect for any powerboater!


Rib River Adventure

Rib River Adventures are a Royal Perth Yacht Club Power Boat community activity!

Typically we jet off from RPYC and head east up the Swan to a location for a relaxed Member lunch.

Join in all the fun and adventure on you guessed it, our ribs!

Anyone welcome!

Time Trialling and CPYA Heats

Royal Perth Yacht Club is proud to be a Club actively participating in the CPYA Time Trialling Season. 

Time Trailling is a great opportunity to keep your Power Boat active during the cold Winter months, and to remain active and social in the Power Community. 

To participate in Time Trialling, you need to register both via Royal Perth Yacht Club, and CPYA every heat. 

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You can even join in our Annual Seafarers Invitational Time Trial and Dinner! Hosted in conjunction with the CPYA Time Trialling Calendar, RPYC hosts an annual dinner for our Time Triallers. 

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Get Involved!

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Or find out more by contacting Boating Admin on 9389 1555 or boatingadmin@rpyc.com.au