Event Type Race


06oct15:0017:30Hyatt Regency Perth Winter Series

13oct15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

16oct13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

17oct09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

17oct13:0017:00Swan River Retro Yacht Series

19oct18:0021:00Seashells Night Race Series

20oct15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

23oct09:0017:00Coventry Reef Race

23oct13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

24oct09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

27oct00:0123:59RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

30oct13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series


03nov15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

06nov13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series - Stage and Studio Productions Race Day

07nov09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

10nov15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

13nov09:0023:59The West Coaster Offshore Race

13nov13:0017:00The Governor's Cup

14nov09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

14nov13:0017:00Swan River Retro Yacht Series

16nov18:0021:00Seashells Night Race Series

17nov15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

20nov(nov 20)13:0021(nov 21)17:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

21nov09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series - Vice Commodore's Trophy

24nov13:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

27nov09:0017:00Dolphin Offshore Race incorporating the IRC State Championships

27nov13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series - Fresh Provisions Race Day

28nov09:0017:00Gordon Craig Offshore Race incorporating the IRC State Championships

28nov09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series


01dec15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

04dec13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

05dec13:0017:00Swan River Retro Yacht Series

08dec15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

11dec09:0017:00RPYC Saturday Windward Leeward Racing

11dec13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

12dec09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

15dec15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

18dec13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series - Gill Marine Race Day

19dec09:0017:00Pacer Teams Challenge & Dinghy Christmas Party

21dec18:0021:00Seashells Night Race Series

22dec15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series


08jan13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

12jan15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

15jan09:0023:593 Ports Offshore Race

15jan13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

16jan13:0017:00Swan River Retro Yacht Series

19jan15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

22jan13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

23jan09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

25jan18:0021:00Seashells Night Race Series

29jan09:0017:00Pot of Gold Offshore Race

29jan13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

29jan17:0023:59Dinghy Divison Night Marathon

30jan09:0017:00Shepherdess Cup Offshore Race


02feb15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

05feb13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

06feb09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

09feb15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

11feb(feb 11)09:0012(feb 12)23:59Bunbury Return Offshore Race

12feb13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

16feb15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

19feb13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series

20feb09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

20feb13:0017:00Swan River Retro Yacht Series

22feb18:0021:00Seashells Night Race Series

23feb15:0018:00RPYC Wednesday Summer Series

26feb13:0017:00RPYC Saturday Summer Series - Club Marine Race Day

27feb09:0017:00RPYC Island Race

27feb09:0017:00RPYC Dinghy Division Summer Series

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