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Expressions of Interest Document - Swan River Team Racing Regatta


Hi All,

We have finally got around to getting some training planned for the first half of 2015, as well as being able to put together the start of a calendar of events that we are planning to run & attend for the remainder of 2015.

As you can see below the first training session will be 0830-1230 Sunday 22nd March.  This will be a bit of a longer session because there will be a brief meeting about Team Racing beforehand in Dinghy Division, and then we will get out on the water and get into some Team Racing training to whet our appetites again.  We will be switching the sessions around between AM & PM to give all squad members opportunities to attend, on approximately a fortnightly basis, with increased sessions leading up to regattas (local or international).  We may add other mid-week on-water & off-water sessions.  Unless otherwise advised all training sessions will be run from Dinghy Division at RP.  The Team Racing section of the RPYC website will have all of this information.

You will also see that we have a date planned for the RPYC Swan River Team Racing Regatta 4-7th June 2015.  This regatta is targeted at local clubs, some Australian, and a couple of internationals.  We have sent out an Expression of Interest to a number of those clubs.  We have also contacted the Daring Class Association in Cowes, UK who we compete against in the Colonial Cup on a 2-3yr rotation; about identifying potential dates they would like to come to Perth in the 2015-2016 Summer Season to compete in the return event (which last time in Cowes in 2013 RP won!).  We will also put in a couple of Impromptu Cups.

Importantly, we have also identified two international TR regattas in the US just before the next Opening.  We have previously sailed in the Islands International Challenge Cup in Long Island, New York in 2013.  We believe these regattas align with our level of performance.  There may be others that RP and the TR Committee will assess.  We would like to identify squad members who are interested in attending all of these regattas, and we are communicating this early so that you can plan; especially the international regatta’s.  For information, RP pays for the nomination for the international regattas, but it is up to the team members to pay for flights & accommodation, etc.  We recognise this can be expensive, but we have identified these with plenty of notice for members to plan, as well as both being close in dates and location to reduce overall costs.  In the past team members who have attended these regattas have planned holidays around themGreat opportunity!!

As for training and coaching; we are currently in negotiation.  However, it is expected that to get the level of suitable coaching that the TR squad wants, with an appropriately planned program, the cost will be above RP’s budget.  Following discussions with RP and the TR Committee we believe that contributions from squad members will be required, because we need commitment to continue training successfullyOverall the cost will be minimal when looking at it from a per session point of view (approx. $5 for RP members which will be charged 6mthly via RP member accounts).  Not all sessions may be coached; however the expectation is that there will be a well-defined training plan for each half of the year so that there is true value from the cost.

As previously requested we would like squad members to confirm their availability for all sessions so that we can ensure each session provides good value and training opportunities to the squad.  This includes squad members identifying interest in the regatta’s that we plan to run and attend.

RPYC Team Racing Squad Calendar

  • Sunday 22nd March 0830-1230 – Team Racing Meeting & Training Session
  • Sunday 29th March 1200-1530 – Training Session
  • Friday 10th - Sunday 12th April – Swan River Sailing Interclub Championships
  • Tuesday 14th April – 1700-1900 – Training Session
  • Sunday 19th April 1200-1530 – Training Session
  • Sunday 26th April 1200-1530 – Training Session
  • Sunday 3rd May 0900-1230 – Training Session
  • Sunday 10th May 1200-1530 – Training Session
  • Sunday 17th May 0830-1200 – Training Session
  • Sunday 31st May 1200-1530 – Training Session
  • Thursday 4th – Sunday 7th June – RPYC Swan River Team Racing Regatta (see separate e-mail for details)
  • Sunday 14th June – RPYC Gra Rosser Match Racing (see separate e-mail for details)
  • Saturday 20th June 1300-1630 – Training Session
  • Saturday 4th July 1300-1630 – Training Session
  • Sunday 12th July 0900-1230 – Training Session
  • Sunday 26th July 1200-1530 – Training Session
  • Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th September – Corinthian Yacht Club, Marblehead, Massachusetts, US (see separate e-mail for details)
  • Wednesday 30th September – Saturday 3rd October – Islands International Challenge Cup, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Oyster Bay, Long Island, US (see separate e-mail for details)
  • Saturday 10th October – RPYC Opening Day
  • May/June 2016 – Cumberland Cup, Royal Thames Yacht Club, London, UK
  • Colonial Cup (Daring Class Assoc vs RPYC) – Royal Perth Yacht Club (dates TBC)

There may (and will) be further changes to this calendar as we update our plans.  Separate e-mails will be sent regarding the special events; however if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the Team Racing committee directly.

Thanks very much…..

Andrew & Vera Waldby

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