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When it comes to selecting a sporting and social opportunity for yourself and your family, you can’t go past Royal Perth Yacht Club.

RPYC-red-crestThe Club offers an unbeatable blend of experience, location and resources to ensure that your needs are met both on the water and in the Club House.

As a member you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Full use of the superb dining and bar facilities offered by the Club for both your private and corporate entertaining
  • A networking opportunity that is second to none with like minded people in a relaxed and social atmosphere
  • The opportunity to keep your boat in one of our prime pens on Perth Water as well as participate in Club fleets racing on Wednesday's and Saturday's as well as being part of Perth's biggest Twilights.
  • A first class social calendar that offers a huge variety of activities from BBQ’s to Black tie events
  • The use of the Club’s gymnasium for a nominal additional fee
  • Reciprocal membership with most Royal Yacht clubs throughout the world
  • Pride that you belong to Royal Perth Yacht Club, the club of choice.

Categories of membership

Membership Benefit table (click to download)

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  • Full Member (Full)
    A member over the age of 30 years
    All Boat owners/co-owners must be a Full owner
    Entitled to all the priviledges of the Club
  • Full Member Under 30 (Full u/30)
    A member between the ages of 18 - 30 years.
    Entitled to all the priviledges of the Club.
  • Family Membership (Fam)
    comprises of one Full member and one family* member or
    comprises of one Full member, one family* member and their children under 18 years of age.

    * Family member - spouse/defacto of a Full member
  • Centreboard (CEN)
    A member over the age of 18 who only sails Centreboard yachts. Criteria is available on request
    Restricted priviledges at the Club
  • Outport Member (OUT)
    Available to members whose principal place of residence is more than 100km radius from the Crawley Clubhouse
    Restricted priviledges at the Club
  • Reciprocal Member (REC)
    A member who must be a "Full" member (or equivalent) of a Reciprocal Yacht Club.
    Restricted priviledges at the Club

  • Junior Member (JUN)
    A member under the age of 18 years.
    Restricted priviledges at the Club
  • Social Member (SOCIAL)
    A member who does not own a boat but wishes to enjoy Membership of the Club.
    Restricted priviledges at the Club
    Download a flyer on Social Membership

  • Crew Member (CREW)
    A member who sails regularly as crew on a yacht competiting in gazetted RPYC Sailing events.
    Member must be nominated by the current skipper of the boat on which the member crews or by a current Flag Officer
    Restricted priviledges at the Club
    Download a flyer on Crew Membership

Membership Fees


Entrance Fees (Inc GST)

Entrance Fees (Inc GST) are payable in full on submission of a "Nomination for Membership" form. It may be paid by cash, cheque or major credit card.

  • Full $1475.00
  • Full Family $1475.00
  • Full Family (incl. children under 18) $1475.00
  • Full U/30 from $442.50
  • Centreboard $737.50
  • Social $737.50
  • Crew NIL
  • Outport $1475.00
  • Junior NIL
  • Reciprocal NIL

Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions (Inc GST) are due and payable monthly.

  • Full $1475.00
  • Full Family $1770.00
  • Full Family (incl. children under 18) - $1843.00
  • Full U/30 from $442.50
  • Centreboard $737.50
  • Social $737.50
  • Crew $368.00
  • Outport $368.00
  • Junior $184.00
  • Reciprocal $590.00

The Annual Subscription for a family group of husband, wife and all children under 18 is 125% of the current Full Member Annual Subscription.

House Support Scheme (HSS)

australiadayLike many clubs, Royal Perth Yacht Club charges all Full Members a levy to ensure support of the Club's 'house' facilities. The levy is referred to as the House Support Scheme (HSS). This involves two stand alone 6 month periods and will be charged to the accounts of Full, Full Family, Full Under 30 and Social Members at the beginning of each period. The member may offset this obligation by the purchase of food and beverages, or Club clothing and merchandise (not fuel), from the Club, with the use of his/her member's Access Card to directly debit his/her account

Nomination Form

Click here for the nomination form (downloadable pdf)

For Members wishing to pay by Direct Debit Click here for the Direct Debit Form (downloadable pdf)

For Members wishing to transfer their Membership category Click here for the Membership Transfer form (downloadable pdf)

Please print out the nomination form, fill in your details and return it to Royal Perth Yacht Club, PO Box 5, Nedlands WA 6009 or email to

Our Address

crawley map

Royal Perth Yacht Club
Australia II Drive, Crawley
Western Australia
Ph: +61 8 9389 1555

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Fremantle Annexe
Mews Road, Fremantle
Western Australia
(Opposite Kailis Brothers)
Ph: +61 8 9430 4590
Fax: +61 8 9430 4567

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